Press Release: What’s your (re)integration story?

October 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

Were you once here, did you then leave, before returning to live in Manchester? If yes, then an intriguing new community arts project, aimed at collecting and exploring stories of reintegration from every part of Manchester’s diverse community, would like to share in your experiences.

(re)integration project organiser, Tania Mahmoud, is hoping that with your stories she can research and explore the impact and issue of reintegration, and the subsequent effect this can have on what ‘community’ comes to mean to people; Do they still belong? Can they easily reintegrate? Is there a piece of community that they can never get back?

Supported by the Future Fires programme at Manchester’s multi-disciplinary arts venue, Contact, and driven by her own history of Mancunian upheaval and reintegration, Tania wants to create a patchwork of heritage art through an eye-opening interactive workshop, in which participants volunteer as much or as little as they like, of how they came to leave and return to Manchester.

Each reintegrated contributor’s experiences will be explored, resulting in a fragmented and broken meta- narrative that tells the stories of several generations

returning to a place they once called home. The culmination of the project will consist of a video exhibition totalling every input and determining the answer to the collective question; can people ever truly feel reintegrated into their community?

Tania is seeking reintegrated participants from across Manchester, all willing to share their story. No memory of reintegration is considered too small for this unique opportunity to help understand more about what forms our cultural identity.

If you would like to contribute your experiences to the (re)integration project or have a query, please contact Tania at or on 07783 880940.

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