January 28, 2012 § Leave a comment

Just thought I would do a quick blog update. It is 00:54 and my disks have an estimated finish time of an hr. Doesn’t seem to bad? Well that is where you are wrong! Even the simplest of tasks are proving to be an absolute nightmare. Keep in mind that I paid £150 to attend a course on interviewing on camera – little good that did me. See my first blog entry – I think I’ve finally found a useful lesson for them to teach; and having been on hundreds of online forum help sites all looking to solve the same problem, I think they’d really be onto a winner.

So what’s the big problem? Well, I thought I was being really clever buying a super blue-ray HD producing camera with its build in projector. Little did I know it is sooooooo high tech, that it is incompatible with EVERYTHING. I’ve tried FIVE computers. It won’t work on any of them. I can’t edit. I can’t burn disks. I can’t convert files. Sometimes, I can’t even play. After a failed visit to the IT guy at work, I searched the internet long and hard hoping for some wisdom from somewhere to guide me. And it did – kind of. After downloading and uninstalling about 4 programmes and trialing the demos, I decided to PAY to get a software during my 3:00am desperation for resolve. Today, I received my unique code and user name in my inbox and was pleased that I could finally do what I used to think was a 2 minute job: BURNING A VIDEO ONTO A DISK.

Excuse the capitalisation – I know it is infuriating to see posts full of them, but I just cannot help it. I’ve had to convert the files twice because the first time the files were still too big. Oh, and I forgot to mention, each file takes about an hour to load. I’ve got 3 left….

Was I nervous about my workshop tomorrow? At some point, yes. In fact I would go as far as to say I was petrified – so much so that I even hired an assistant as well as my usual volunteer. Now, frankly, I can’t even think about the workshop. All I want is my bed. And yet, despite my desire to feel my soft pillow under my head and the warmth of my heat blanket, I remain in my living room staring at the download bar, urging myself NOT to throw the computer across the room. If this isn’t commitment, I don’t know what is!!


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