Long time no write…

March 23, 2012 § Leave a comment

So I have to admit I’ve been pretty terrible with the blog updates over the past few weeks but that is because so many amazing things have been happening!

The highlists:

  • I was invited to speak in the Represent Room at International Women’s Day alongside industry experts in the arts, media and sporting worlds which was an absolute honour and privilage.

    CLICK FOR BROCHURE:International Women’s Day!

  • I spoke at the Contact board meeting and presented my (re)integration project findings to the trustees/governers which led to some amazing leads which I will follow up in the next couple of weeks after submitting my evaluation report
  • I did an interview for MojoLife and have been asked to repersent them as an ambassador which is a huge honour and privilage


  • I have recently attained another job working 2 days a week with Xtrax arts supporting with tour booking, general administration and online marketing

    Xtrax website: www.xtrax.org.uk

  • I have begun filming for Reeltimes alongside the other Future Fires! More information on this coming up…

As well as all of this, I had visited Lancaster University to deliver an alumni speech to the next cohort of graduates (my 2nd in the last 6 months) which is always a pleasure.

As the Future Fires project comes to a close, I am busy with evaluation and working towards the final film. Things are progressing well and I’ve got my final mentor meetings coming up in the next few weeks… I’ll be sure to keep updating in more detail.. watch this space!



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