Evaluation Report? No sweat…

March 30, 2012 § Leave a comment

It has been a while since my really exciting training session with Gerri Moriarty which looked at Monitoring, Documenting and Evaluating work and well, I have to be honest… I was dreading it a little! It was only when I forced myself to sit down and write for a full day  – on the sofa, in my pyjamas with plenty of snacks to keep me going – that the realisation kicked in: I quite like doing evaluative reports!

Sounds mad I know… but there was something really rewarding about analysing data and listing what it is people gained from the project. I included a mix of images, quotes, tables and text and it was quite exciting finding links between everything. Here are some snippets of information from my report:-


The age difference between the eldest and youngest participant is 42 years.


I met a broad range of people from various backgrounds and cultures, allowing invaluable learning, enriching my understanding of diversity, and developing long lasting networks and relationships.


‘Just a quick note to thank you for the tickets for the play you organised for me. Great choice! I took my mother yesterday and she absolutely loved the theatre and the evening – apart from getting out she met people she knew and even knew a couple of the people in the play.’
Quote by participant on their gift


‘I think the workshop was very valuable as it gave people space to share their experiences. It showed us that we all have similar experience no matter what age we are or where we come from. I found it amazing listening to people’s life experiences and feeling that I too had experience something similar.

I loved the task where we had to put down a list of all the beds we’ve ever slept in, it was a shock, it made me realise that I had done so much in my life and been to so many places. It also made me think about the other people who had slept in that bed and how we had shared some journey or experience even though we had never met. I felt like I was part of a community even if that community was ever changing. I really enjoyed the day and meeting new people.’
Quote by workshop assistant on group activities

Overall, I am pleased with my evaluation document and have submitted it nice and early, within deadline. The document will not only serve as a reminder for the successes of the project, but also as a useful resource for sending to funders and other stakeholders in the future!



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