Cultural Warriors

So, Why did I apply to become a Future Fire, and by extension, a Cultural Warrior?

The Future Fires aim of wanting to explore the power of art and culture in order to affect individual and social change seems to complement my personal ethos of wanting to work with the community to produce art for the community. I am a natural leader but thrive alongside a group, thus making community and outreach work ideal for my practice. I hope to source all of my text/imagery and performers from the community, using myself as an instigator, an outside eye, and someone who brings their work together. I want to start the conversation, but then take the role of the listening, the ‘and’ of the conversation and the ‘what if’ of the conversation, encouraging discussion, debate and honesty amongst the community.

Being a Future Fire also means being apart of the Cultural Warriors programme, where I have been able to meet with some of the world’s most inspiring collaborators and artists. These include representatives from AfroReggae; a Brazilian movement that aims to instigate positive change amongst the crime and drug ridden favela’s in Rio. The experience thus far has been eye opening and has provided me with additional motivation in wanting to drive social change and awareness in taking a step towards a fully integrated society. Being a Cultural Warrior also means working with and gaining support from People’s Palace Theatre, Theatre Royal Statford East, Playing On Theatre Company, Lawnmowers Theatre Company and The Sage in Gateshead, thus giving me a solid support network who I can turn to for advice, support and above all, inspiration.


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