I will send a call-out and invitation for people interested in sharing their stories with me. This will be primarily spread across central Manchester, Trafford and Tameside. By targeting a wide spectrum of areas, I hope to reach a range of people from different cultural communities and obtain a broad range of responses. The geographical areas are secondary to the types of stories collected. Therefore, the areas may change as the project progresses along with my understanding of which communities may be more/less responsive than others; thus allowing me to adjust my outreach focus.

I will initially target community groups, asylum seekers, refugees and the traveller communities. I then hope to infiltrate local communities like the African Caribbean, the Pakistani and the Bengali communities. Participants of all genders and ages who are interested in sharing their stories will be invited to take part in a series of filmed workshops and interviews; the more stories I collect, the better. At this moment, my target is to collect between 10 – 15 in depth stories from the community and to work with each participant over 1 – 2 sessions in attempt to decipher and decode their stories. The sessions will be split as so; interview, workshop(s) (optional) and the final exhibition (showcase).


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